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Ride 35

My bus work-outs are becoming easier.  I can almost make the entire trip now without hanging on.  For those of you just tuning in let me explain. My balance is terrible, or, so I discovered while riding the bus this month.  (It finally made economic sense to buy a bus pass this month instead of…

Ride 31

Three foreigners.  Speaking Spanish – I think it was Spanish.  Mexican? Father, mother and son; the son reading from the Driver’s Education book.  Each parent listening carefully as their son read his translation of the ‘code’.  An occasional pause to ask a question and hear the response. Then mother suddenly stopped caring.  Her gaze outside.…

Ride 30

The beauty today had nothing to do with my co-commuters.  I saw beauty today in the gentle west coast that fell softly against the windows. Streaking sideways as we streaked along the highway.  Sliding vertically when forced to stop.  The life cycle of a raindrop.  What a trip?  What a trip.

Ride 29

“Keep moving to the back, sir!”  Dude, chill, I’m moving as quick as I dare. Ok, back as far as I can be.  We’re packed in. Yank backwards as the bus lurches forward.  Stomp!  Right on this fellow’s very nice looking shoe.  “I am so sorry.  Oh God.  Sorry.” “Don’t worry about it.  Really, don’t…