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Cellulitis – Again!

Pins, needles and fire.

Imagine your leg has fallen asleep and is now waking with pins and needles. Then light it on fire.

Two years ago (2013) I contracted this nasty infection called cellulitis. I remember sitting at my desk trying to convince myself that I had the energy to ride my motorcycle home safely. Turns out I did make it home safely that afternoon two years ago but after the ride home it was three days before I got out of bed. I only got out of bed at Tracy’s (my wife) insistence that I was really sick.

Scared - under repair.

It looks yucky but it’s mending well.

Like most I thought some chicken soup and sleep would put me right. “My body has fought off everything else,” I thought to myself. Nope. Not this time. My kidneys began to shut down. The infection had crawled my leg and into my groin. I laid down and took all the medicine they gave me. After ten days of intravenous treatment at the Jubilee‘s infectious disease out patient lab I continued taking “the good drugs” for ten more days.

So when the same signs of infection showed again two weeks ago (2015) we didn’t wait – off to emergency! An unfortunate effect of this type of infection is that I am more susceptible to infection now. The infection also leaves scaring within the veins restricting blood flow. This means I’m trying to bring sexy back with compression socks.

I’m good now. Almost finished the course of antibiotics prescribed. Here’s a few pictures to turn your lunch.

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