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Lloyd Robertson – The Kind of Life It’s Been

What a nice, nice man – in every way imaginable.  Well, that’s how his memoir reads.  I believe him.

For anyone not Canadian Lloyd Robertson was ‘the’ news anchor on the most popular evening news program for 35 years.  Johnny Carson was quoted as saying more people went to bed with him than anyone else.  The same can be said for Lloyd, too, I’m certain.  Watch the late night news, say “good-night, Lloyd” and then off to bed.  This is probably true for thousands of Canadians.

All this wonderfulness aside it’s a good thing his abilities as a news personality was his choice to earn a living.  The writing style is lacking and “news-like”.  There’s very little to engage the reader save for a few anecdotes relating to well recognized characters.

I enjoyed the book but could not recommend it beyond a bored weekend’s read.

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