Stump of a Muffin

Ride 8

Bus Driver “There’s an empty seat back there why don’t you take it?  Safer than standing.”

Elder Bus Rider “I’d rather stand.  My stop is only two ahead.”

Next stop.  New Bus Rider “That’s all I’ve got.”

Bus Driver “You’ve gotta pay the entire fare.”

New Bus Rider “Really, that’s all I’ve got on me.”

Bus Driver “You can’t find another $1.10?  You should pay the full fare.  Everyone else on this bus has.”

Elder Bus Rider “You’re an idiot.”

Bus Driver “Sir, I’ve got this handled.  He needs to pay the full fare.”

Elder Bus Rider “Not him, you.”

Someone volunteered the rest of the fare and pulled away from the stop.

Elder Bus Rider “You really think you’re something.  Don’t ya?”

Bus Driver “Just following the policy, sir.”

Elder Bus Rider “You’re just stupid.  I bet you voted for Harper too!”

Bus Driver “Twice.  This your stop?”

Elder Bus Rider “Just stupid.  Guess they’ll let anyone drive one of these.”

Bus Driver “Your opinion.”

Elder Bus Rider “Damn right my opinion.  You carry on being stupid.  Vote for Harper!”

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