Stump of a Muffin

Fix or Destroy

Let me open with pointing out the obvious that this person is someone’s child; someone’s little girl.  What went wrong?  Did anything go wrong and the oddity just is?  I can’t answer any of this.  I’m just a curious observer.

Would you attempt to fix her or would you destroy her?  There’s no doubting that there are psychopaths among us.  Operating within the rules our society has laid down as ‘acceptable’.  Occasionally the psychopath wanders out of bounds.  It’s these actions outside of acceptable that earns them the label.

She takes pleasure from this conduct, and has no insight into the harm and suffering she causes these creatures. Her condition is life-long, and is not [in]stitutional.

She admitted killing Molly, the family dog, in September 2009 by hanging the animal. She then dismembered the dog and placed the animal’s head on a stick, videotaping and photographing the killing and taking a photograph of herself standing naked next to the dog’s remains.

 Terrifying.  How does society step in?  Has the judge protected us well enough?

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