Stump of a Muffin

Month: October 2013

Butterfly Wings

How do butterflies get colour on their wings? Tough question.  “I don’t know, Sydney.”  She hit me with this zinger this morning during our walk.  I found the answer [ ] but I like her answer better:  faeries paint them dad. I should have known that.

Fix or Destroy

Let me open with pointing out the obvious that this person is someone’s child; someone’s little girl.  What went wrong?  Did anything go wrong and the oddity just is?  I can’t answer any of this.  I’m just a curious observer. Would you attempt to fix her or would you destroy her?  There’s no doubting that…

Money – No Such Thing

Money no longer exists.  If you ask my dad he would say this happened the day after the gold standard was abandoned.  He just might be right. Nowadays the idea of carrying cash in my wallet makes me uncomfortable.  My comfort level is credit card and ATM card only.  Lose those and no real harm…