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Could We Position It In Google On The First 3 Searches

Question from a client:

How much would it be for 1 year to purchase and could we position it in Google on theĀ first 3 searches and again this Google search how much would that cost ?

My answer:

The first question is an easy one: $45 to own it for a year.

Positioning a website, such as you suggest, is a whole lot more work. Here are the basics:

  • Google awards positioning based on website content;
  • website content would need to be continuously updated (the reason is Google looks for new content to present to web searchers);
  • content would need to be relevant to the topic you’re trying to appear in “the first 3 searches” and be spread across many pages.

Having said that there are ways to buy positioning within Google employing their AdWords program. This program works by selling you keywords. Some keywords go for as little as 5 cents. Some go for $5. You can set a monthly budget on what to spend.

That’s a very quick, and not very detailed, explanation. Your budget for a site that ranks as you wish – assuming you’re interested in the Victoria geographic area and apartments – would be anywhere from $2000 to start and a monthly budget of $200+/-.

I’m sure you’ve got questions. I do too. What are your ambitions and goals?

The client is going to think about it.

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