Stump of a Muffin

Gotta Be Love

It’s 2:31AM.  My back is warm.  “Can you hear me?”


Gently moving closer – it’s dark and I am afraid to rollover and squish something – I move closer and lean over her shoulder.  “I have to share this with you.”

“What?”  The tiniest bit of what the hell? in her voice.

“We were so old.  You were driving.  I was trying to figure out some camera as we drove along.”  No reaction.  “We stopped across from our old house, and were about to take some pictures when the new owners came up to the gate and greeted us.

“I felt the sun on my back.  It was so warm and wonderful.  As we lent on the gate chatting Rudy sauntered up happy to see us he wiggled and wagged. ”  She turns over now and we are face to face in the dark.

“Thank you for letting me grow old with you.”

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