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Mistakes Are For Making

This week I made a mistake.  Actually I’m sure I made hundreds of mistakes.  ( I’d know if rectified them all – ha! )  There is a single mistake that really made me think.  Mostly because it scared me.  I nearly dropped a gym weight on my face.

One of my favourite exercises is the incline bench press.  A normal set is 4 x 12.  It was during the last four reps of the last set when the mistake occurred to me.  I hadn’t arranged for a spotter and now I’m straining.  Exhausted my arms began to fail.  Enough about that.  I finished.

Ok, the real point of this anecdote; I learned.  I learned that a spotter is a very good idea.

A friend of mine shared a quote his father often chucks out, “eat your mistakes”.  Funny.  We share this quote often while chatting about food.  But, I’d say this quote goes much further.  If you eat your mistakes they become part of you.  You learn.  If you do not take advantage of these mistakes you are doomed to continue making the same mistakes.  Fatal.

One of my business partners absolutely cringes when I confess to clients about the mistakes I make.  More often than not the clients look at me quizzically wondering about my comment.  Fact is, in custom applications you cannot progress without discovering mistakes.  The real challenge is admitting to those mistakes during development, making better decisions and ultimately making you ap ‘bulletproof’.

“You are what you eat.”  Well, I guess I’m a collection of mistakes-and-learn.  I certainly hope so.  I’d hate to have to start over making all those mistakes all over again.

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