Stump of a Muffin


Recently the Victoria Water Board announced some very positive news regarding water conservation in Victoria.  We are doing extremely well.  We’ve become so good at conserving water that not enough water is being sold.

As a result the Water Board is being forced to raise their pricing.  Nice.

It seems so simple:  we need more money – lets raise prices.  Maybe it is that simple.  Maybe I don’t completely understand the predicament the Water Board and citizens of Victoria find ourselves in.  Regardless, a more creative approach might ‘save’ us all.

From the perspective of “there’s no bad ideas” while brainstorming here goes:

Sell more water:

  • export – have a cruise ship headed for a dry region ( Mexico ) carry our water
  • package – filter, carbonate, colour – whatever – water into a specialty product
  • power – use the force of moving water to turn generators

Just crazy ideas preached from the bar stool.

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